Money, money, money

The collectively agreed upon manifestation of our time and energy.

I have come so reliant on its presence in my life that it is like a respirator. I could hardly just take it away and survive without it…One would need to exercise their muscles of current and flow before even considering removing themselves from this life support system.

And what of debt? When one’s life force has been harnessed to the extent that they do not have any within them but it is all pledged away to corporate entities (corpses,) aka debt, what are the spiritual implications of this?

My Currency

What the fiat
Plastic bling
Put the charge on everything

Energy hoard
Consumed?  No, captured
But this will not define as rapture

Debits. Credits
What's the difference
THAT won't get you to deliverance!

Electrify it
Charge it up
Praise the corporate. Giddyup

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