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Nipawin Street Views

…is a show that takes a look at the lives and perspectives of the people in the small town of Nipawin where I am happy to call home. This is my first attempt at creating a series and I wanted to do something that would leave me with a feeling of genuine connection to my community. Using that as my litmus test for achievement, I have to say, this has been wildly successful. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy creating them.

There are currently 5 episodes available with plans to create more as opportunities present.

Politics 101

…is a show that highlights the seriously comical side of Canadian politics. To be clear, I am nonpartisan. What difference does it make when all politicians want is the fat paycheck and pension? Representation of the people is optional in this democratic dictatorship. Corporations in bed with government tells me that the only vote that matters is the one I make with my wallet, so I’m making them count! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the only governance we need is self-governance. But, as long as they are up on the center stage, I’m gonna laugh at these puppets. Won’t you join me? 😀

There are currently 2 episodes available with plans to create more as politicians continue to embarrass themselves. I hear elections are coming up, that should be a real three-ring circus.

Unsuitable for YouTube

…is where you will find the one video of mine that YouTube banned as well as any videos I am unwilling to share on YouTube in case they may compromise my account there. Censorship is an ongoing issue in Canada, overtly since 2020, but less conspicuously for much longer. It is still possible to speak freely here, as I am doing right now on my own website, but if you want to speak on certain controversial matters, you will need to build your own following. Big tech doesn’t share their captive audience with just anyone.

There are currently 2 videos available in this category with no end in sight. I will continue to speak in truth but be wise enough to do it in the right time and place.


…is where I put the rest of my creations until they are many enough to find a category of their own.

There are currently 2 videos of an uncategorized nature available.

My home is Nipawin, Saskatchewan and I love it here!

Nipawin Street Views

Nipawin Street Views Trailer

A teaser trailer that does not tell anything about the show. You can play a game of find the Nipawin business signs though. You are welcome.

Released December 1, 2022
NSV Episode 1 – Nobody Wants to Talk to Me

Not everyone wants to answer my questions. It takes a lot of no’s to get to a yes but boy are those yes’s worth every no.

Released December 8, 2022
NSV Episode 2 – What are Your Winter Feels?

We are rugged, northern beauties. Find out how cold is too cold for us here at the edge of the wild, Canadian Boreal forest. Also learn what we do for fun during the frigid winter months.

Released December 15, 2022
NSV Episode 3 – And to All a Good Night

Merry Christmas everyone! Do you decorate for Christmas and how soon? What about gifts? Do you have a favorite tradition? Lets talk Christmas, Nipawin.

Released December 22, 2022
NSV Episode 4 – Can You Name the Mayor?

Do you know the name of the Prime Minister of Canada? What about the President of the United States? The premier of Saskatchewan? How about the mayor?

Released December 29, 2022
NSV Episode 5 – Joining RiSE UP @ Nipawin on International Women’s Day

RiSE UP, a new, non-profit organization in Nipawin held a special event inviting women to join them for conversation, lunch, a virtual keynote speaker and a fun outing on the town afterwards. Not only did I want to be there for the community connection, but also because it has been a while since Nipawin Street Views hit the streets of Nipawin.

Released April 6, 2023

Politicians are modern-day court jesters and laughter is the best medicine.

Politics 101

Politics 101: Understanding Economics in Government

These people are so out of touch with reality. Pseudo-celebrities, paid exorbitantly to galivant around blathering at the mouth and when one gets the popular vote they win the prize of riding the backs of Canadians with a diamond saddle, along the golden road to the palace they call squishy pension plan. Red, yellow, green or blue, they all be singing the same tune.

Released January 17, 2022
Politics 101: How to Answer a Simple Question

My most popular YouTube video to date. With over 30 thousand views, more than 300 comments and nearly 1000 likes, this one takes the cake. Because cake.

Released January 12, 2023

Life on the Urban Homestead

Fringe Forest Garden

Watch this stick come to life!

Welcome to the Fringe Forest Garden where no life is too small to report on. <3

Released July 4, 2023

Outback Saskatchewan Awaits

Great White North

Haywire Farm Festival – 1st Annual – Attendees guide and promo.

He said it. I’m just promoting the idea.

Released July 20, 2023

Stay out of their arena and you won’t have to take a beating. Jurisdiction matters.

Unsuitable for YouTube

Protest Signs of the Times

At the height of the plandemic, protests erupting everywhere, there was more than enough content to make a handful of videos like this one. Honest concerns raised by honest people. At the time of uploading this video to YouTube, I wasn’t thinking about the reputation of my channel, only about showing this compilation of people, their handmade signs, their protest unacknowledged by corporate-funded media. My channel was new and not many watched this video. It sat there a very long time and then one day, out of the blue, YouTube banned it for violating their community standards on misinformation. I appealed it with a note saying that the video showed a bunch of people holding their opinions on signs and I hardly understood how that could be deemed as misinformation but I would be happy to correct the problem and edit the video if they would kindly point out the part that misinformed. The response was almost immediate. Appeal denied. No explanation given. No further course of action provided.

Thanks to Joelle Fuller who gave me permission to use her song in my video. If you love the song as much as I do, please consider supporting her work.

Thanks for watching my musical montage.

Trucker’s Convoy of Truth

*Due to technical issues, this video is temporarily unavailable*

Public perspective told this story when MSM would not. Almost everyone has a camera and access to an audience online these days. In this technological era, even at the height of censorship, information is widely available, if you have the connections to find it. It is not the book-burning, black lines kind of censorship. It is the diversion, distraction, distortion kind. Big Tech has all the eyes upon it. It loves the attention it garners and is loathe to share it with anyone.

As of April 17, 2023, this video was still on YouTube but I removed it. It had been there over a year and was no longer making a meaningful contribution to my monetization stats. Now that I am trying to build a following (monetize) on YouTube, I need to be cautious that I don’t trigger their censor-bots. In that perspective this video becomes a “liability.” Safer to host it here where censorship will come looking last. Let that be the litmus test for when things really go south in Canada…

A place for everything and everything in it’s place.


Lost at Sea – A happy little stop motion story

I love building Lego with my son. Lego often gives away freebies if you spend enough with them so I bought all the Lego I wanted to gift last year in one shot so I could get the free giveaway, Ray the Castaway. I put it away for just the right mood and then took it out to create this delightful stop-motion. Not bad for a first go, though if I had it to do over, I would have started earlier in the day so that I wasn’t exhausted running into the night with staging and recording. If you have never tried it, stop-motion is time intensive. And the more time you take to increment each shot, the better the final outcome. This one was not bad, with twice as much time it could have been amazing, but I am not complaining. This one is kid-friendly, go ahead and watch with your little ones. <3 (Lego has not endorsed this video or post but I would not ignore them if they wanted to talk about endorsement.)

Released January 25, 2023
I should be prosecuted

He said it. I’m just promoting the idea.

Released December 11, 2022

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